America and Hatred are tied together

I don’t understand why Americans are so surprised by racism and hatred when it rear’s its ugly head. Racism and Hatred is as American as apple pie and baseball. We have hated the Irish, Germans, Italians, Jews, central Europeans, and southern European immigrants who came to America. Interned the Japanese, Muslims, put Chinese into forced labor camps, enslaved black people, exterminated, almost all the indigenous peoples. Maintained a ruling class, that destroyed Black Wall Street, and the Japanese grocery industry. So, why are we still surprised that organizations like the KKK, Skin Heads, Neo Nazi’s, Red Shirts, The Vikings of L.A. Police Department can still thrive in America? Because like Pavlov’s Law, that teaches a dog to come to the dinner table at the sound of a bell. We are taught to hate just by the mention of race.


1) the mental capacities of all races are similar, (2) no evidence exists for biological deterioration as a result of hybridization, (3) there is no correlation between national or religious groups and any particular race, and (4) “race was less a biological fact than a social myth,” and that biology proved the “universal brotherhood of man.” The first three, viewed from the perspective of half a century later, have become part of the mainstream, or at least part of liberal orthodoxy. …