Donald Trump “What do you have to lose?”

Trumps campaign tells black people and Hispanic voters:  “What do you have to lose?” The GOP tells us that it was the Democrats that enslaved us. Well the Democratic Party like any party is about shared interest. Reconstruction was being financed by the North through taxes, and the citizens in the North no longer wanted to pay the post war tax, this ended Reconstruction. Among the Democrats you had “white supremacist,” like Governor Benjamin Tillman of South Carolina who won his election by using the “Red Shirts” a strong arm of the Democratic Party to kill black people. There motto was, “the only good nigger is a dead nigger.” During his four years in office, 18 Africans were lynched and the 1890’s saw the most lynchings of any decade in South Carolina. It is best to look at the Democratic Party as the planter oligarchy. Even though the Confederacy was defeated, after slavery, the pre-war elites were left in charge. That is equivalent to putting the Nazi’s back in charge after the World War ll.


Len: Clint Eastwood wants the republican party “to get over it” and stop being pussy’s. AH: You mean he wants us to take off our white sheets and uniforms? Len: I think so, they want us to bring back some old fashioned hatred back into the republican party. They want us to help energize it’s voters, who have lost their faith in America. The voters need to believe that “America can be great again.” They want us to remind them of the good old days, when you could call a spade a spade, and not have to worry about being politically correct. I think they need our help, we are experts at hating, regular republican voters, aren’t willing to go there. We have the talent, we have the experience, and we have the will. This may be the last opportunity for the “South to Rise Again.” AH: The talent to do what? Len: The talent to be the best racist we can be. AH: I think that is a good idea. Len:They want us to go back to the days when being a racist was respectable. Back when if you were white and racist, and wanted to tell a really bad racist joke, you could, and not have to suffer the consequences. Even if the people you made a joke about were standing right next to you, and didn’t think that the joke was funny. Because racist jokes aren’t meant to be funny, there meant to humiliate. You know, back in the day when that damn NAACP wasn’t around crushing all of our dreams. AH: What about those good old, old days, remember those? Len: You mean when it was a sign of respectability to have a slave? AH: Yea back then. Len: Oh yeah, today’s political correctness almost made me forget about that. Your talking about way back, back in the day? AH: Yea, back when you used to be down on the farm, and Slave Master Joe would walk up with his brand new Buck, and his Bucks skin would feel like plush leather seats, and when Joe would tell him to stop, he would stop on a dime. Len: What model was that one, I think that was the Ivory Coast 1670 model. Len: Yea, Joe put a lot of miles on that one. And remember how everyone wished that they could one day save up enough money to get there own Buck? AH: Yea, but that year was a classic. Remember, everybody was trying to keep up with the Joe’s Len: But because of this damn political correctness, you just can’t insult people and discriminate against people the way you used to. AH: Bucks descendants call them “the bad old days.” Len: Yea, they should just “get over it.” Why are they still complaining? “Their ancestors ate well and had descent lodging.” What about our equality and our rights? If everything is equal, shouldn’t we be able to practice our first amendment rights? I mean political correctness is not in the constitution for god’s sake. AH: Yea, F%$#@ Islam? Len: Hate mongering is a right protected by the constitution. We need to find a leader that can protect our rights. AH: Well, Hitler’s dead, and Stalin is gone too. Len: Well, who do you think could be that “Cult of Personality,” that we are looking for? AH: What about that Guy that fires everybody? Len: You mean Donald Trump. AH: Yea, lets use him, his TV ratings our down right now, and this just might be the boost that he needs. Len: You mean convince him to run for president to strengthen his brand? AH: Yea, and just before the his polls go down, have him make an excuse to get out of the race. Len: Yea, he can say something like, “The election is rigged.” AH: Yea. and that way, in the meantime, we can practice Nazism and Fascism during his rallies, using the rallies as a way to recruit more members to our cause. Len: And the real losers will be the republican voters who truly believe that their votes make a difference. AH: Yea, but it will be hard not to be tempted to throw up a Nazi salute every now and then. Len: Well, we can ask Trump to ask people at his rallies to “Raise their hand, to pledge to vote for him,” to normalize and hide our Nazi salute. AH: Great idea, so if we do the salute at the convention, it looks like were just pledging again. Len: Exactly, I cant wait to make racism respectable again. AH: Yes, by hiding behind the Republican Party, we can scream racial slurs at Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Gays, and wear our “f&%$# Islam” tee- shirts, while at the same time “Making America Great Again.”


DEAR MR. DIRTY HARRY/AKA CLINT EASTWOOD, we have gotten over the KKK, Red Shirts, Colonization, Slavery, Imposition of Religion, institutionalized racism, the aids Epidemic, The Color Line, The Crack Epidemic, Invasion and Westernization of Egypt, Educational Disparity, Modern Day Genocide, White mob massacres, and we are still here! When you Mr. Eastwood can get over what we have endured, give me a call. AND WHO ARE YOU CALLING A PUSSY?

America and Hatred are tied together

I don’t understand why Americans are so surprised by racism and hatred when it rear’s its ugly head. Racism and Hatred is as American as apple pie and baseball. We have hated the Irish, Germans, Italians, Jews, central Europeans, and southern European immigrants who came to America. Interned the Japanese, Muslims, put Chinese into forced labor camps, enslaved black people, exterminated, almost all the indigenous peoples. Maintained a ruling class, that destroyed Black Wall Street, and the Japanese grocery industry. So, why are we still surprised that organizations like the KKK, Skin Heads, Neo Nazi’s, Red Shirts, The Vikings of L.A. Police Department can still thrive in America? Because like Pavlov’s Law, that teaches a dog to come to the dinner table at the sound of a bell. We are taught to hate just by the mention of race.