The Sonny Liston Estate and the band “THE KILLERS”, team up to create a new t-shirt.




Dr. KA Mills and his colleagues comment on Sonny Liston’s never before released autopsy report.

My colleagues indicate that Sonny had a potential life threatening problem with the bundle of His. Additionally he had significant lung disease that would have hampered a normal person never lone an elite athlete and top 10 fighter ( I believe he was ranked number 6 in the world at the time of his death). An amazing man.

Setting the record straight on the Ali/Liston fights

I tried my best to get the FBI to release the Ali/ Liston Fights FBI file separate from the larger file that was released awhile back, while Mr. Ali was still alive, but I ran out of time. Mr. Ali passed away, and I was at a lost to what to do. I decided that I would persist in my need for the FBI to release the file,  thinking that I could still bring about closure to this chapter of Mr. Ali’s and Sonny’s life. Luckily for me, the FBI released the file unannounced  on the fights separately from the larger file, they had released almost a decade ago, without publically announcing it. The world can finally see what the Liston and Ali families have always known, and that is that, the fights were not fixed. May Sonny, Mr. Ali and Geraldine, finally rest in peace.