Stop And Frisk

The door opens, white hands, badges and blue uniforms, I tense up. At an early age, I realized that my body did not belong to me. They “Stopped and Frisked” me, long before the law was in place. This is the day I learn my place. The slave on the auction block, ready to be bought and sold. Are they going to check my teeth? I’m trying to escape this humility, as white people drive by. Being put on display like a public lynching/barbecue. Why don’t they just put me in the police car? They sit me on the curb. They ask what’s in the bag? I tell them, my eraser, pencil, and my Etch
A Sketch. They do bodily harm, when they put their hands on me again. Today was my “Training Day”. I try to put my mind in another place, as I disconnect from my body. Flash forward 45 years, sitting in Starbucks. Door opens, white hands, badges and blue uniforms. I tense up, And in that moment, I realize that, black people don’t resist arrest, they react to 400 years of conditioning and oppression.
This was a true story by Lynel Gardner


Poverty’s Children

Little black kids go for a ride to try and find the end of the rainbow. They get to the bridge, and get half way over the bridge and a cop pulls up and ask, “Where you kids going?” :We tell the cop that we are going to the end of the rainbow, to find the pot of gold. The cop says “not today your not, that’s the white side of town. You don’t belong over there.” He tells us that we better just ride back home, so we did. Years pass, and we hear the youngsters saying that they are going to get on their bikes and go over the bridge, and try and find the end of the rainbow.. We tell them that they can’t go over the bridge, but can only go up to the bridge. They then get on their bikes and ride up to the edge of the bridge. A cop pulls up and says, “Hey, where you kids think you going?” The kids tell the cop that they are going to the end of the rainbow to find the pot of gold. The cop tells them, “You kids don’t belong over there, that”s the white side of town. You kids just better ride your bikes back home”, so they did. Years passed. and those kids got older. And one day they heard the youngsters talking about getting on their bikes and going across the bridge, to find the end of the rainbow. The teenagers told them, there are no such things as rainbows. And on January 27 1969, every kid in the neighborhood, stopped raising their head to look to the sky. All they saw was the concrete beneath their feet.. And nobody bought bikes anymore, Because there was no place to go. Only patrol cars on the perimeter, Keeping us in. A prison without walls. The world no longer called our home a neighborhood. And started calling it a ghetto. And when grandmas died, we started to fend for ourselves, protecting each others block. Segregation, racism, and discrimination starved us. Poverty pushed us into a corner, and became an incubator for creating Sociopathic behavior. Every month the federal government would send in their food trucks. Tossing us crackers and government cheese, while keeping the engines running. And every Sunday in church, we sang “We shall overcome”.
This was a true story by Lynel Gardner

Dr. KA Mills and his colleagues comment on Sonny Liston’s never before released autopsy report.

My colleagues indicate that Sonny had a potential life threatening problem with the bundle of His. Additionally he had significant lung disease that would have hampered a normal person never lone an elite athlete and top 10 fighter ( I believe he was ranked number 6 in the world at the time of his death). An amazing man.

Setting the record straight on the Ali/Liston fights

I tried my best to get the FBI to release the Ali/ Liston Fights FBI file separate from the larger file that was released awhile back, while Mr. Ali was still alive, but I ran out of time. Mr. Ali passed away, and I was at a lost to what to do. I decided that I would persist in my need for the FBI to release the file,  thinking that I could still bring about closure to this chapter of Mr. Ali’s and Sonny’s life. Luckily for me, the FBI released the file unannounced  on the fights separately from the larger file, they had released almost a decade ago, without publically announcing it. The world can finally see what the Liston and Ali families have always known, and that is that, the fights were not fixed. May Sonny, Mr. Ali and Geraldine, finally rest in peace.