ANCHOR PUNCH vs PHANTOM PUNCH AT 14:01- Also later in the video, for the first time, the other camera angle, where you can see and hear the “Anchor Punch” land on Sonny’s left side of his head. The Media at the time sensationalized the “Phantom Punch”the camera angle where you don’t see Ali’s punch land on the left side of Sonny’s head. Forcing people to overlook Howard Cosell and his Wide World of Sports Presentation of the facts.

Mr. Ali perfectly timed the overhand right. From this overlooked and extremely underrated camera angle, you can see that Mr. Ali was able to put his full body weight into the punch. The overrated Phantom Punch, from the other camera angle does not show how Mr. Ali was able to use his body to leverage the Anchor Punch unhindered. A punch does not start and end with the fist, but starts from the ground. The body of a fighter that begins to throw a punch,is like the Handle,Thong and Fall of a whip, and the fist, when making contact with its target,acts like a whips Popper. Remember that this fight ocurred before the famed Bruce Lee could marval the world with his ” One inch punch.” It was not the punch that brought Sonny to the canvas, but the “sweet science.” Mr. Ali was ahead of his time.” TWO MOVING OBJECTS, BOTH POSSESSING MOMENTUM BY VIRTUE OF THEIR MASS AND VELOCITY, COLLIDE WITH ONE ANOTHER. WITHIN THE SYSTEM CREATED BY THEIR COLLISION, THERE IS TOTAL MOMENTUM MV THAT IS EQUAL TO THEIR COMBINED MASS AND THE VECTOR SUM OF THEIR VELOCITY.”-science

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