Fact vs Fiction: Setting the record straight on the Ali/Liston fights

I tried my best, to get the FBI to release the Ali/ Liston Fights file. Separate from the larger file, that they had on Sonny Liston, and Muhammad Ali. A file, that had been released in 2010. I tried to do this, while Mr. Ali was still alive. But unfortunately, Mr. Ali passed away. When that happened, I was at a loss to what to do.

Then I realized, that if I could not redeem Mr. Ali’s name before he died, I could still redeem his name after death. So, I  persisted, in trying to get the FBI to release the file.  Thinking that I could finally bring about closure to this chapter of Mr. Ali’s, and Sonny’s life. Luckily for me, my persistence paid off.

After writing a letter to the Department of Justice, and contacting their “Whistle Blower”,  program. The Department of Justice,  released the file on the  64/65 fights unannounced, through their press contacts.   The file consisted of a 400-page report, not on the fights, but on Enemy # 1, THE NATION OF ISLAM.

If you read my book on Amazon called, “Beast: The Deconstruction of Charles “Sonny” Liston”. I get into more detail about this subject.  The FBI report proved that J. Edgar Hoover, and the FBI, were not concerned about the fights at all. And that the FBI knew, that the press was just chasing rumors, surrounding the fights.

The world can now see, what the Liston and Ali family, have always known. And that is that the fights were not fixed. Geraldine Liston always said that ” If the Ali/Liston Fights were fixed, I never saw any money from it.”  Mr. Ali, Sonny, and Geraldine can now rest in peace.