The public record states that there were drugs found at the house and on Sonny at the time of his death. The official record tells a different story altogether.

A Lie is Impenetrable to Logic Posted on December 13, 2015 “A Lie is Impenetrable to Logic” Geraldine Liston said that she was the first to arrive at the house, to find her husband Sonny Liston laying dead from a heart attack. Retired Sergeant Dennis Caputo, said that he was the first to arrive at the scene to find Sonny dead. He also stated that he found drugs on Sonny and drugs in the Kitchen. Well, I called Mr. Caputo and asked him one question. I asked him, “are you clairvoyant?” I told him that he would have to be clairvoyant, to have known that Sonny was dead, and to be the first to arrive at Sonny‟s house. Because according to the Autopsy Report that had been released only to me, after being behind lock and key for over forty years, my grandmother never called the police, she called her next door neighbors doctor, and the doctor called the investigative coroner. Dennis Caputo, was not one of the officers at the scene, there were no drugs found on Sonny or in the house, Sonny had no barbiturates or hallucinogen in his blood or urine, according to the report, no needle marks were on his arms at the time of death, and his death was never ruled a homicide, because he died of heart failure. Mr. Caputo first said, that he was not clairvoyant and defended his story up until, I told him that I had the Autopsy Report in my possession. That is when retired officer Caputo changed his story from being the first officer to arrive at the scene, to the lead officer in the investigation. I asked him what investigation? Why would there be a need for an investigation when Sonny‟s death was not ruled a homicide? I also asked him where are the drugs that he was supposed to have found on Sonny and that was in the house? He said that he turned them into the lab. I said to him then, where is Sonny‟s “incident report?” He said it was in Sonny‟s file. I told him that I checked Sonny‟s file, and the only thing in his file was Sonny‟s gun registration. Then Mr. Caputo told me that the police not only lost the report but he also told me that the drugs that he had confiscated never came back from the lab. I told him, how could something as insignificant as Sonny”s gun registration be in Sonny‟s file after forty years and not his incident report? But remember that there was no need for an investigation because Sonny‟s death was not ruled a homicide. I mentioned the fact that if he found illegal substances in the house when he supposedly arrived at the scene, and if he is correct in saying that he led the Sonny Liston investigation, then who did he take to jail that day and what suspects did he interview? I explained that he could not have taken Sonny to jail, because he was already dead. There were two officers that arrived with the investigative coroner after Geraldine found Sonny, and the names of those two policemen are on the autopsy report. And the two policemen Dennis Caputo, and former Las Vegas police sergeant Gary Beckwith, who has also been interviewed about the circumstances surrounding the death of Sonny Liston, names were not on the autopsy report as witnesses. These two men have single handedly helped to keep the mystery of how Sonny Liston met his demise alive for decades. All based on innuendo, speculation and conjecture. Instead of the facts, evidence and good policing. My grandfather “Sonny,” was born on May 8, 1932, and died “A Man,” on January 5,1971. SP


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