What the hell? The History Professors of Yale Kennedy School, Ohio State, University of Purdue, and the Westside Las Vegas Historian concluded. In the SHOWTIME docudrama, “PARIAH: THE LIVES AND DEATHS OF SONNY LISTON.” Based on the book, THE MURDER OF SONNY LISTON: LAS VEGAS, HEROIN, AND HEAVYWEIGHTS. Two of the professors, and the Westside of Las Vegas Historian, were of African American descent. Either they are trying to hide the fact that their source material comes from my Amazon book, BEAST: THE DECONSTRUCTION OF CHARLES SONNY LISTON”. Or they just sold their soul to Satan. Or the writer of this scripted fiasco, just pulled one of the most racist tropes, since the end of the Antebellum South, out of his ass, to cover up his theft.
First, let me take these professors to school. Why were there so many different Black organizations in the 60″s? Organizations like SNCC, NATION OF ISLAM, BLACK PANTHERS, NAACP, THE GREENSBORO sit-ins, FREEDOM RIDERS, MARCH ON WASHINGTON, SELMA TO MONTGOMERY, CORE, SCLC, Fannie Lou Hammer, and Rosa Parks. And that’s just the 20th Century.
And what made them individually unique? They were unique because we, as a people, are a part of a diaspora. We came to the Americas, not as slaves. But as Hamer, Mursi, Zulu, Tuargi, Kuba, Ashanti, and Maasi. Africa is a Roman word, and Black is a British word, meaning “Other.”
Sometimes these tribes got along, and sometimes they fought one another. Some fought for Rome, and some fought with the Moors and the Nubians. Sometimes the SNCC agreed with the NAACP, and sometimes they didn’t. And the same goes for the Black Panthers and the other organizations. For Christ’s sake, even the Greeks enslaved their people. Sometimes we had to show unity, and sometimes we had to show our diversity. When people are at war, this is what they do. And sometimes, we just killed one another — each one of them, with their ideology.
These Professors who participated in the SHOWTIME special sold their academic titles for fame, money, and notoriety. To talk about concepts and ideas, they can’t possibly understand because those concepts and ideas originated in my head. They were coming from my personal experiences. In other words, YOU DON’T THINK LIKE ME!
Because I have the luxury of thinking outside the box. Unlike the world of Academia. Don’t get me wrong; there are a time and place for academic thought and study. A world where you have to follow the rules, to be acknowledged and rewarded. What did Einstein say, “There is no failure in learning, but there can be in refusing to unlearn,”
The question I must ask, these so-called professors is, who’s side are you on? You don’t know me or where I have been, so stop “faking the funk.” And stop letting White men, of a certain generation, put words in your mouth. So that you become, the opposite of what you are. And if you guys need help next time,    “You better ask somebody!”



“Nobody really knew when Sonny Liston was born. He often gave a date of May 8, 1932. But he was probably older than that. There were no records. Not even the family bible had his birthdate in there. So he was a mystery, right from the start. Says that “Sonny Liston was the 24th of 25 children. His father Tobe was a sharecropper. And with that many mouths to feed. It must have been tuff. Sonny knew what it was like to be hungry”.

Have you ever noticed that people who have talked about Sonny over the years, love to use the word mystery? They use it, over and over again. Decade, after a decade. It is just like the Pyramids. But the Freemasons have always had the math, on how they built the pyramids. They just wanted to keep that knowledge to themselves. And keep the rest of the world guessing. There is a lot of money in keeping things in the dark/ a secret.
They wanted to be the only ones to know, how to build the world’s most wondrous structures. So that the world could admire, and honor them. Buy their books, and go to their schools of thought, and higher learning. But only tell you just enough to keep you coming back for more; just like the people who tell stories about Sonny Liston.

So like the Masons and the Pharaohs, everyone wants to be seen as being the expert on Sonny Liston. And that you must come to them, for the knowledge that you seek.
But how these people are different is that they don’t deal with knowledge and facts. They play games. Their game is similar, to the game we used to play as kids. That game was called “Show and Tell.” But the people who write books, Editorial Copy, Make movies, and TV shows about Sonny Liston. Want only to “Tell” but never to “Show”. Because keeping the Sonny Liston story a “Mystery”, is a cottage industry.
And that is is why these people think that the public is stupid.

They have gotten very good at, telling a “Tall Tale/Fish Story”. Knowing that the public will buy it, hook, line, and sinker. Because you have accepted their lies before. But the thing about lies is that they are easier to tell than the truth. But lies do eventually catch up with you. The hardest thing for a liar to do is to remember the last lie that they have told you. Especially when it comes to, a habitual liar. We are talking about lies that have gone on for decades.

And if you watch, the past stories on Sonny. The ESPN Special, the HBO Special, and the documentary about Sonny called, “THE CHAMPION THAT NOBODY WANTED’. And the current SHOWTIME SPECIAL. You will begin to see that in all of these presentations. Some people stretch the truth, don’t know the truth, guess, know only enough to get by, and just out and out lie, or speak the truth. But most of the time, it is nothing but conjecture, hearsay, and or anecdotal.
Or some people pretend to know Sonny and Geraldine; because they happened to look, in their general direction. Or Sonny and Geraldine happened to wave at them, one time. But then, there are those few people who spent real time with Sonny, and know and loved the man. But the best experts on Sonny, hands down are Sonny and Geraldine Liston. Know one else can compare. Geraldine Liston was to private, smart, and protective of a person. To let any unseemly person, get to close to Sonny, enough to have any adverse effect on his or her life.

That includes the mob. It’s about respect; people respected Geraldine. She was one of the smartest people I have ever known. As she told me, she and Sonny dinned with Kings and Queens. So, Sonny did not hangout with Black thugs from the Westside of Las Vegas. He did not have to.
” The chickens have come home to roost” — not only for these tired and outdated documentaries. But also for the editorial copy, books, movies, and television specials. Editorial writing that entertained, a now aged and dying fanbase, of “THE ME GENERATION”. This current generation is the generation where “The revolution will not be televised.” And no matter how much you steal, from The Estate of Sonny Liston. Because the “Brain Trust” at the top of the food chain, has run out of new ideas. And now, you have to go safari hunting, to look for new ones.
It will never be enough. Today’s youth, don’t have to rely on adults for the truth.  They can GOOGLE it. They will not accept from adults that old trope “Do as I say, not as I do”. They want adults to “Walk their talk”.

The truth about Sonny Liston has always been there from the very beginning. Right there, in front of our faces.  But for some reason, we let them make us look at the shiny objects. And deny the things that we could see, with our own two eyes. I explain in detail why we continue to allow this to happen. In my book on Amazon called, BEAST: THE DECONSTRUCTION OF CHARLES SONNY LISTON.
How they made us believe things like, “Sonny’s mother of 33, had 25 children”. “Sonny is the 24th of 25 kids”.  And them knowing that, we would never do the math. Because if we did the math, we would realize. That math is absolute. And a lie and fantasy are not. They also made us question Sonny, who repeatedly said, time and time again. That he was born on May 8, 1932. Without asking ourselves the question, “how many people have we met, in our own lives. That did not know, the day that they were born?”

Even in my generation, the “BABY BOOMER GENERATION”. Fathers were still giving out cigars, at the time of their children’s birth. And looking for friends, who could be the Godparents of their children. So in other words, the whole town knew about the birth. But you know the racist trope. “That those oversexed black folk, be having all kinds of babies running around. How can they remember what day their kids were born on?” And where does one keep 25 kids? If your poor and on welfare? “Well them kids must be in the streets, stealing and robbing”. Right?

Or that a Sonny could win, 15 of his last 16 fights, fighting two to three fights a month. More frequently than he did at the beginning of his career. Be ranked as the #8 Heavyweight in the world by RING MAGAZINE. While still fighting his way back to a Heavyweight title. Sonny was obviously, in the best shape of his life before he died. But they want us to believe, that Sonny was at the same time, maintaining heroin, and cocaine habit, and dealing drugs.

Where did Sonny get his dope from, Bozo, the Clown? Because Bozos, heroin, and cocaine, had the opposite effect on him. It made him a better fighter. And not a typical dope fiend, in search of his next fix.
 And people say that Sonny could “punch through walls”. And that, “He punched with force, of a government crash test”. Sonny wasn’t a superhero. Give him some credit, where credit is due. They  Totally ignore his training regiment. And the regiment of a boxer. My uncle Charles said, when Sonny would train for boxing, that was all he focused on. “He had tunnel vision”. And when it was time to be around his family, his family was his main focus. “He did not bring up boxing”.

So maybe Sonny could decompartmentalize. Deal drugs on the Westside of Vegas, shoot heroin and snort cocaine. And still, become the Heavyweight Champion again. That is only true if we decide to ignore the intense work regiment of a Heavyweight boxer. People still have to not only choose, what they want to believe. But they also have to live, with what they choose to believe. For some people, “ignorance is bliss”.
While we participate in the game, of using Sonny as a way to avoid facing our own confirmation bias. We have now waisted some 48 years, of not dealing with the biggest killer of men and black men in America. Especially men of color. And that is heart disease and heart attacks. Sonny died of heart failure, and all we want to talk about are the lies.


Those Busta’s over at SHOWTIME, turned my Amazon book, “Beast: The Deconstruction of Charles Sonny Liston,” into a footnote called, “Pariah: The Lives And Deaths of Sonny Liston.” And they did not even ask me for permission! My agent told me to calm down, because I’m mad. I’m not insane anymore. I’m just ready, but crazy cool. Lynel B. Gardner is not finished though, I’m just getting started. The professor from Harvard, Purdue, and Ohio State. Take my words, out cho’ mouth! Or supply me with my honorary Ph.D. Degrees. I’m coming to get my shit back! My family gotta eat! ” You better ask somebody!”.