I’m not sure why your telling stories about my grandfather that are not true. Sonny never hung out on the Westside of Las Vegas. But I guess you had to follow the script.

What the hell? This is what the History Professors of Yale Kennedy School, Ohio State, University of Purdue, and the Westside Las Vegas Historian concluded. In the SHOWTIME docudrama, “PARIAH: THE LIVES AND DEATHS OF SONNY LISTON”. Based on the book, THE MURDER OF SONNY LISTON: LAS VEGAS, HEROIN, AND HEAVYWEIGHTS. Two of the professors, and the Westside of Las Vegas Historian, were of African American descent. Either they are trying to hide the fact, that their source material comes from my Amazon book, BEAST: THE DECONSTRUCTION OF CHARLES SONNY LISTON”. Or they just sold, their soul to Satan. Or the writer of this scripted fiasco, just pulled one of the most racist tropes, since the end of the Antebellum South, out of his ass, to cover up his theft.
First, let me take these professors to school. Why were there so many different Black organizations in the 60″s? Organizations like SNCC, NATION OF ISLAM, BLACK PANTHERS, NAACP, THE GREENSBORO sit-ins, FREEDOM RIDERS, MARCH ON WASHINGTON, SELMA TO MONTGOMERY, CORE, SCLC, Fannie Lou Hammer, and Rosa Parks. And that’s just the 20th Century.
And what made them, individually unique? They were unique because we as a people are a part of a diaspora. We came to the Americas, not as slaves. But as Hamer, Mursi, Zulu, Tuargi, Kuba, Ashanti, and Maasi. Africa is a Roman word, and Black is a British word, meaning “Other”.
Sometimes these tribes got along, and sometimes they fought one another. Some fought for Rome, and some fought with the Moors and the Nubians. Sometimes the SNCC agreed with the NAACP and sometimes they didn’t. And the same goes for the Black Panthers and the other organizations. For Christ’s sake, even the Greeks enslaved their own people. Sometimes we had to show unity, and sometimes we had to show our diversity. This is what happens when people are at war. And sometimes, we just killed one another. Each one of them, with their own ideology.
The Professors who sold their academic titles for, fame, money, and notoriety. In order to talk about concepts, they can’t possibly understand. Because those concepts and ideas originated in my head. Based on my own, personal experiences. In other words, YOU DON’T THINK LIKE ME!

Because I have the luxury, of thinking outside the box. Unlike the world of Academia. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place, for academic thought and study. A world where you have to follow the rules, to be rewarded. What did Einstein say, “There is no failure in learning, but there can be in refusing to unlearn”,
The question I must ask, these so-called professors is, who’s side are you on? You don’t know me, or where I have been, so stop “faking the funk”. And stop letting White men, of a certain generation, put words in your mouth. In order that you become, the opposite of what you are. And if you guys need help next time, ” You better ask somebody!”


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