Today, at 3:00am, a homeless person who was suffering with some type of mental illness. Was walking down the street with the leg of his pants clinging to his left ankle. He also had no shirt on. It was cold, and I had to put my hoodie on because of the chill. I wondered why people in the community were driving passed this guy, not offering him any assistance. Why they were allowing this fellow human being to walk around in public nude. I wanted to give him back some dignity. At least on the outside. So I told him to wait, while I ran into the house to get him a jacket. Because he had some type of mental illness. I was afraid that he might not have understood my request.
So I realized that I did not have much time to waist. When I ran in the house, I Iooked in my closet. Only to find out, that every jacket that I had was worth over a hundred dollars. Then I thought to myself. ” The whole point of me helping this guy was to bring back a sense of dignity, and self respect back into his life. So why can’t he be a homeless guy with a sense of style”. So I grabbed my overpriced Eddie Baure jacket, and ran outside to put it on him. ” The homeless are like everyone else. Sometimes they are people with, patents, degrees, Purple Hearts, Astro physicist, and philosophers down on their luck.
We just don’t know their stories. Sometimes all they want is a pack of Marble cigarettes, to smoke a cigar, or to share their knowledge. Sometimes they are just people like us. THE SALT OF THE EARTH.

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