Fact vs Fiction: Sonny Liston Birth Certificate Part 4

Sonny Liston, was the first Birtherism casualty of a racist society. That Predated Barak Obama.

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Sonny Liston Training

Real name Charles L. Liston
Nickname(s) The Big Bear
Weight(s) Heavyweight
Height 6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Reach 84 in (213 cm)[1][nb 1]
Nationality American
Born c. 1930, exact date unknown
Sand Slough, Arkansas, U.S.
Died c.December 30, 1970 (aged 39–40)
Las VegasNevada, U.S.
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights 54
Wins 50
Wins by KO 39
Losses 4

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Fact VS Fiction: Like Sonny Liston that supported Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his Civil Rights Marches, Lynel Gardner supports the “Black Lives Matter” movement. In the spirit of Harriet Tubman and John Brown. Who together helped slaves escape through the underground railroad. The John Brown family came to Saratoga California, History repeats itself, as White and Black people come together again in Los Gatos to take a knee. Because “Black Lives Matter!”. lynelgardner.com

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Fact vs Fiction: Sonny Liston Birth Certificate Part 3

The history of Vital Records in Arkansas

Sonny was born at the hospital, and not at home. That is why his name, was not in the family bible.

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Fact vs Fiction: Sonny Liston Birth Certificate Part 2



Don’t let the English language, define how you perceive the world. Learn how to think for yourself. So that you can create the world, in your own image.

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“In 1866, one year after the 13 Amendment was ratified (the amendment that ended slavery), Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, and South Carolina began to lease out convicts for labor (peonage). This made the business of arresting Blacks very lucrative, which is why hundreds of White men were hired by these states as police officers. Their primary responsibility was to search out and arrest Blacks who were in violation of Black Codes. Once arrested, these men, women and children would be leased to plantations where they would harvest cotton, tobacco, sugar cane. Or they would be leased to work at coal mines, or railroad companies. The owners of these businesses would pay the state for every prisoner who worked for them; prison labor.

It is believed that after the passing of the 13th Amendment, more than 800,000 Blacks were part of the system of peonage, or re-enslavement through the prison system. Peonage didn’t end until after World War II began, around 1940.

This is how it happened.

The 13th Amendment declared that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” (Ratified in 1865)

Did you catch that? It says, “neither slavery nor involuntary servitude could occur except as a punishment for a crime.” Lawmakers used this phrase to make petty offenses crimes. When Blacks were found guilty of committing these crimes, they were imprisoned and then leased out to the same businesses that lost slaves after the passing of the 13th Amendment. This system of convict labor is called peonage.

The majority of White Southern farmers and business owners hated the 13th Amendment because it took away slave labor. As a way to appease them, the federal government turned a blind eye when southern states used this clause in the 13th Amendment to establish laws called Black Codes.

Here are some examples of Black Codes:
In Louisiana, it was illegal for a Black man to preach to Black congregations without special permission in writing from the president of the police. If caught, he could be arrested and fined. If he could not pay the fines, which were unbelievably high, he would be forced to work for an individual, or go to jail or prison where he would work until his debt was paid off. If a Black person did not have a job, he or she could be arrested and imprisoned on the charge of vagrancy or loitering.

This next Black Code will make you cringe. In South Carolina, if the parent of a Black child was considered vagrant, the judicial system allowed the police and/or other government agencies to “apprentice” the child to an “employer”. Males could be held until the age of 21, and females could be held until they were 18. Their owner had the legal right to inflict punishment on the child for disobedience, and to recapture them if they ran away.

This (peonage) is an example of systemic racism – Racism established and perpetuated by government systems. Slavery was made legal by the U.S. Government. Segregation, Black Codes, Jim Crow and peonage were all made legal by the government, and upheld by the judicial system. These acts of racism were built into the system, which is where the term “Systemic Racism” is derived.

This is the part of “Black History” that most of us were never told about.”


To whom it may concern, my name is Lynel Gardner. I’m currently in charge of the Estate of Sonny Liston. I spoke with Greg, your South Bay colleague. And he told me, to send my story idea to you.
It has been a long held belief. That Sonny Liston, was one of 25 kids. That he didn’t even know, the day that he was born. And that according to the recent SHOWTIME SPORTS special, “Pariah: The Lives and Deaths of Sonny Liston”. “His life was a mystery, from the very start”. “Even the family bible, did not have Sonny’s birthdate in it”.
The fact that there is not record of Sonny’s birth, is a hoax. Sonny and Geraldine Liston, always stated, that Sonny’s birth was, May 8, 1932. They celebrated his birthday, every year. And Sonny was one of 7 kids, not 25. His mother, was only 33 when she had him. Making past statements about Sonny’s birth, a logical fallacy.
We are the boxing, business side of the family. The side of the family that called him “Sonny”. We are here, to set the record straight. And that is that, as Geraldine Liston always stated. “No one knew Sonny, like I knew Sonny. I was always by his side. All I want to talk about are the lies.”
I have spent the past fourteen years, attaining all the official records, on how Sonny lived and died. Including the never before released, Ali/Liston Fights File. That I acquired, through the DOJ “Whistle Blower” Program. Using my grandmother Geraldine’s statement, as my hypothesis. What I have come to realize, in the past fourteen years of my research and study.
Is that, the myth of Sonny Liston, is a cottage industry. A myth that turns out, books, movies, and editorial copy. A myth that makes careers, out off people seeking profit, and notoriety. Totally based on what they think, or what they feel, happened to Sonny. I explain in more detail, in my Amazon book, “Beast: The Deconstruction of Charles Sonny Liston”. A book who’s concepts are heavily used, in the SHOWTIME SPORTS special.
It is our hope, that you will allow, the Liston Estate a chance. To reveal, never before seen documents. Documents that will put to rest, questions that have gone unanswered for decades.
Thank you,
Lynel Gardner