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Amidst covid-19, Australia being on fire and global protests against racial inequalities, my little sis graduate high school. Michalea, I couldn't be prouder of you, my sunshineβ˜€οΈ, my little bean, my minion. You are the best little sis anyone could ask for. You always have my back, and I'll always protect you. I am one lucky girl! My best friend, my soul tie, you are the highlight of my everyday. You, my dummy, have the most amazing spirit, and smile. Not only are you hilarious, but disgusting and stupid, and I love you for it. You stink, and you pick your nose, and you know how to embarrass yourself more than I could ever embarrass you. You're incredibly kind, intelligent and so empathetic. You make me smile when I'm crying. Also I don't understand how we are literally the same person?! And also you're soooooo beautiful, like, whaaaaa???? No matter the distance, in college, or into our late adult life, I am always here for you, for advice, or to vent to. You are my sunshine, and I am the most proud. I love you. 🌻

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