1. Have the adults be the security. Separate from the BLM protestors, and youth. This allows the BLM protestors, to stay on message, and continue marching.In order to reach their destination. The security apparatus, must protect the BLM protesters, from the front, back and sides. Because the AP’s, will look for weaknesses in the ranks. And attack those weaknesses. The AP’s, will follow along with the protestors, as they march. And look for a opportunity, to attack again. Picking on the most vulnerable, the young. The AP’s want to get the young BLM protestors, to reengage. On an emotionally level. The AP’s do not want the BLM protestors, to reach their destination, and deliver their message.

2. As security, communicate operations through cellphones. Or, you can have a alert text codes, that can signal, a particular type of action, and or response. But I don’t suggest texting, because it takes your eyes off of the action. The security, should be focused entirely on the job at hand. And not marching or protesting. Unless you want to blend in, as a BLM Protestor, in order to hide your numbers. Their may be times, when you can march, and or join in on the cadences of the BLM protestors. In order to give them moral support. As long as it does not hinder, your duties as security.

3. Make sure that the BLM protestors, are able to fulfill their goals for the march. That should be their main focus. This is what the AP’s, don’t want to happen. Do not let the BLM protestors, engage the AP’s. The AP’s job, is to agitate and disrupt. To make the conversation, about them. To dilute the message, of the BLM protestors. And replace it, with their own.

4.The AP, comes to the march, and inflames the conversation. By shaming the protestors, with Ad homonyms. Young people sometime, have a tendency to let their emotions, get the best of them. This is the main reason, why AP’s pick on the youth, at marches. They want the youth, to get emotional. Trying to get the BLM protestors, to take the bait. Get emotional/ lose their cool, and engage in their argument. The AP’s argument, is not an argument at all. It is a logical fallacy. These people are professionals, , who are posing as white nationalist. Possibly paid to do this by, competing political action groups.

5. When the adult security, sees the BLM protestors engaging in a argument with the AP’s. They should get in between, the AP’s and the BLM protestors. And quickly begin, to deescalate the situation. In order to get BLM protestors, back on message, and marching toward their destination. Once the BLM protestors, go back to marching, displaying their signs/ the messaging to the public.They are now back on course to completion. The adult security, must then keep their eyes on the AP’s. Just in case, the AP’s begin to attack once again. The BLM security, must continue this process of deescalating, until the BLM protestors, have fulfilled their agenda for the day.

6. Once the AP’s see that the BLM protestors, are a force to be reckoned with. They will avoid, future BLM protest marches all together. Remember, the AP’s are not trying to engage in conversation. They are disrupters. Who have their own agenda.



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