Finding an angel in the city of angels

While Limousine driving for aftercare facilities, that catered to the world’s best plastic surgeons. In Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. I picked up an actress, who had a boss named Charlie. And he directed their crime-fighting detective agency, over a speaker phone.With her and two other Angels. While taking her in the direction of Beverly hills. She began to tell me the story of her life. It was one of the most beautiful stories of love, family, god, friendship, happiness, and the ability, to overcome life’s obstacles, that I had ever heard. She was the living embodiment, of gratitude for all things.
And the acknowledgement, of how precious life is. And when we arrived at our destination, she got out of the car. And as she started to walk toward the hospital doors. I had to look back at her, one last time. I had to look back, because I never wanted to forget. What a person with a heart of gold, looked like. Here was a women, who’s body would never be the same again. And in spite of that, she still felt blessed. That she had a blessed life. And that those blessings, outweighed the price she was about to pay. For her life altering surgery. She was truly one of “Charlie’s Angels”.

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