Jesus Christ Superstar

In the late eighties, I went to L.A. after attending The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. And with $25.00 in my pocket, ” I loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.” I wanted to be a cinematographer, but I was not ready to get back into the class room right away. After just leaving acting school. So I started taking acting workshops, and working for the owners of SPAGOS. at their OCEAN AVE RESTAURANT in Santa Monica. What I noticed right away, was that everything in L.A. moved in the shadow of the industry. If Tom Cruise was hot, that dictated the market trend. In other words, if your a restaurant owner, you better have a host that looks Tom Cruise-ish.
In order to attract potential customers. I will give you an example from an actors perspective. Let’s say that Jesus Christ was tempted by the Devil, to become an actor, instead of saving the world, by dying on the cross. Now remember, Tom Cruise is the market trend right now. Jesus leaves his home, and begins to walk across the water. And ends up at Santa Monica”s Beach Boardwalk. Los Angeles, A.K.A, the City of Angels. Jesus auditions for the lead in, a movie called, A FEW GOOD MEN. Jesus walks in, and the director and producers are sitting at the table.
They tell Jesus that they have heard a lot about him. That they have read a couple of his books. And that they thought that they were pretty good. The producers ask Jesus, “What are you going to do for us today?” Jesus says, I can change water into wine. Jesus then takes the glass of water, that the producer was drinking. And turns it into the producers favorite Merlo. The producer and director say, not bad. But what else can you do? Jesus says that, he can bring Lazarus back from the dead. The producer’s say, “You mean that is not a prop?” Jesus say’s no, that is actually Lazarus.
And he’s been dead for awhile. Jesus then raises Lazarus from the dead, and they both take a bow. The producer and the director, then tell Jesus and Lazarus, how amazing that was. They say to Jesus,”You know Jesus, changing water into wine, and bringing back the dead. That was nothing short of a miracle.’ But we are currently looking for a Tom Cruise-ish type of Jesus. Better luck next time”.

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