Lisa Lyon

My dear friend, Lisa Lyon. First world women’s body building champion, conceptual artist, and classical academic.

I have been very fortunate, to meet great women in my life. Who were trail blazers, in their own right. One of those women, was Lisa Lyon. Lisa was the first woman of Body Building. But she was also a classical intellectual, performance artist and painter. Her father was Scientist John C. Lilly. Mr. Lilly was first to discover, that Dolphin’s spoke a language. His life was portrayed in the movie, The Day of The Dolphin, starring George C. Scott.
The funny thing about it was, that I had her picture on my bedroom wall, all through high school. Not knowing, that I would one day meet her, years later. That picture represented, my worldview about women. And that was that, women were strong, and powerful. “A women could bring you into the world, and take you out!”. I met her, and her father in L.A., through my business. She stopped bodybuilding, because she was a natural bodybuilder.
And did not want to compete with women, who were using metabolic steroids. She felt that the drug was ruining the sport. We had a true, spiritual connection. She was one of the great, loves of my life.


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