For Black Boys Who Have Considered Homicide When the Streets Were Too Much

The play “For Black Boys Who Have Considered Homicide When the Streets Were Too Much”. Was a play written by Kieth Antar Mason. In response to Ntozake Shange’s, hit Broadway show, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Was Enuf”.

Kieth felt that Shange’s depiction of black men in her show was incomplete. Ntozake Shange heard about our show and came to see it. After her nephew became the victim of a homicide. Unfortunately, she could not sit through the entire show, because the recent loss of her nephew was still to raw.

George C. Wolf

Tony Award winning playwright and director George C. Wolf had an idea. He was going to bring The Hittite Empire Performance Group to The Public Theater. Because he and he alone, thought that he could tame them. As Mr. Wolf sat there, like a roman emperor in his chair at the partheon.

He must of thought that we were there to entertain him. And like the Hittites of old, we came, we saw, and we concurred. Then George picked up his fiddle, and played it, “while Rome burned.”

Micheal Jackson vs Charles Mcgee

Micheal Jackson and New York City dancers, were just half steppin, compared to Charles Mcgee. A Pop Locking, Breakdancing, legend and Pioneer. Don’t get it twisted. That stuff came out of the Bay Area first. Charles Mcgee, was the first to Moonwalk, while Breakdancing. Micheal Jackson just popularized it, by Moonwalking on a global stage. I ran into Charles at ROSS. Along with the son of Ozzie Johns, another Pop Locking phenomenon.

Lisa Lyon

My dear friend, Lisa Lyon. First world women’s body building champion, conceptual artist, and classical academic.

I have been very fortunate, to meet great women in my life. Who were trail blazers, in their own right. One of those women, was Lisa Lyon. Lisa was the first woman of Body Building. But she was also a classical intellectual, performance artist and painter. Her father was Scientist John C. Lilly. Mr. Lilly was first to discover, that Dolphin’s spoke a language. His life was portrayed in the movie, The Day of The Dolphin, starring George C. Scott.
The funny thing about it was, that I had her picture on my bedroom wall, all through high school. Not knowing, that I would one day meet her, years later. That picture represented, my worldview about women. And that was that, women were strong, and powerful. “A women could bring you into the world, and take you out!”. I met her, and her father in L.A., through my business. She stopped bodybuilding, because she was a natural bodybuilder.
And did not want to compete with women, who were using metabolic steroids. She felt that the drug was ruining the sport. We had a true, spiritual connection. She was one of the great, loves of my life.


The Nike Killings

THE HITTITE EMPIRE play “THE NIKE KILLER” was inspired by the Nike killings across America, in the early 90s. Teenagers would shoot one another, and take their NIKE shoes off their victims, along with their sports jackets.
It was our hope, that this play would, motivate the Nike Company and M. Jordan, to bring down the price of NIKE Shoes. Allowing for their value to decrease. The NIKE company and Jordan never brought down their pricing. The killings continued. Because of poor kids wanting NIKE shoes. In order to get respect, and admiration in the hood.

Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight Recalls ‘Insane’ 1990s Air Jordan Killings


Roger Guenveur Smith, who played the character Smiley in the movie “Do the Right Thing”, asked the Hittites to perform their play”The Nike Killer”, for his musical celebration. Now it was a industry secret, that no artist in the country wanted to follow a Hittite Empire performance, if they wanted to be remembered. At that time, I thought it was just the competitive nature of artist, that made them think this way.
But Mr. Smith new different. Mr. Smith did as all artistic directors did in the country. And that is that, he told us that we were going to be going up next. Then the word next would be replaced by the word soon. Then the word soon, to nothing at all. There were over 20 performers that night. And Mr. Smith, let every single one of them take encores. By the time we hit the stage, it was 2:00am in the morning.
When we stepped on stage, we were expecting the 2000, standing room only audience members to be gone. At that late hour, I was expecting to be only performing for the stage hands, and the rat from the movie “Ben”. But to my amazement, all 2000 people were still waiting. And that is why Mr. Smith seemed so calm, the whole night. Because he knew, his audience enough to know, that he could introduce all of his unknown artist. And bring the Hittites in last.
And his audience would wait. Mr. Smith taught me a valuable lesson that night, not just about business. But also that we as artist, had something to say, worth waiting for. Roger Guenveur Smith, your a good dude.

Jesus Christ Superstar

In the late eighties, I went to L.A. after attending The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. And with $25.00 in my pocket, ” I loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.” I wanted to be a cinematographer, but I was not ready to get back into the class room right away. After just leaving acting school. So I started taking acting workshops, and working for the owners of SPAGOS. at their OCEAN AVE RESTAURANT in Santa Monica. What I noticed right away, was that everything in L.A. moved in the shadow of the industry. If Tom Cruise was hot, that dictated the market trend. In other words, if your a restaurant owner, you better have a host that looks Tom Cruise-ish.
In order to attract potential customers. I will give you an example from an actors perspective. Let’s say that Jesus Christ was tempted by the Devil, to become an actor, instead of saving the world, by dying on the cross. Now remember, Tom Cruise is the market trend right now. Jesus leaves his home, and begins to walk across the water. And ends up at Santa Monica”s Beach Boardwalk. Los Angeles, A.K.A, the City of Angels. Jesus auditions for the lead in, a movie called, A FEW GOOD MEN. Jesus walks in, and the director and producers are sitting at the table.
They tell Jesus that they have heard a lot about him. That they have read a couple of his books. And that they thought that they were pretty good. The producers ask Jesus, “What are you going to do for us today?” Jesus says, I can change water into wine. Jesus then takes the glass of water, that the producer was drinking. And turns it into the producers favorite Merlo. The producer and director say, not bad. But what else can you do? Jesus says that, he can bring Lazarus back from the dead. The producer’s say, “You mean that is not a prop?” Jesus say’s no, that is actually Lazarus.
And he’s been dead for awhile. Jesus then raises Lazarus from the dead, and they both take a bow. The producer and the director, then tell Jesus and Lazarus, how amazing that was. They say to Jesus,”You know Jesus, changing water into wine, and bringing back the dead. That was nothing short of a miracle.’ But we are currently looking for a Tom Cruise-ish type of Jesus. Better luck next time”.

Finding an angel in the city of angels

While Limousine driving for aftercare facilities, that catered to the world’s best plastic surgeons. In Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. I picked up an actress, who had a boss named Charlie. And he directed their crime-fighting detective agency, over a speaker phone.With her and two other Angels. While taking her in the direction of Beverly hills. She began to tell me the story of her life. It was one of the most beautiful stories of love, family, god, friendship, happiness, and the ability, to overcome life’s obstacles, that I had ever heard. She was the living embodiment, of gratitude for all things.
And the acknowledgement, of how precious life is. And when we arrived at our destination, she got out of the car. And as she started to walk toward the hospital doors. I had to look back at her, one last time. I had to look back, because I never wanted to forget. What a person with a heart of gold, looked like. Here was a women, who’s body would never be the same again. And in spite of that, she still felt blessed. That she had a blessed life. And that those blessings, outweighed the price she was about to pay. For her life altering surgery. She was truly one of “Charlie’s Angels”.



The sorrow and despair inside of me turned into water dripping off the edges of my face. Falling on to the pavement, it became a river of tears. As it wound its way through the city streets, it began to collect water from the tributary streams. It then became a mighty river, destroying everything in its path. It was a terrible thing watching the river rip through the neighborhood. But this river had a name, and its name was Poverty.

Everyone was swept up by it. So much so, that it caused everyone to feel the same pain, a pain that welled up inside of each and every one of us. A pain that had a color, we called the black experience. A collective consciousness that made us realize that we are all in this together. And this color we called Black would become our drowning pool, our prison. A prison that had been created a long, long, time ago. But this prison was unlike any other. Because in this prison there were no bars, no guards, and no walls to climb. And yet, no one ever escaped from it. The pain felt like a knife stuck in our back. And it made everyone weep all at once. It rained for forty days, and forty nights, just like in the Bible. And as I hung onto the street pole, at Gardenia street in East Palo Alto, California for dear life, my head just above the water, I could hear the ancestors singing, “We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome someday.” And just before I went under the water, I took one last gasp of air, and looked all around me. I looked all around me because I never wanted to forget what it was like to climb a tree, to imagine my face in the clouds, to splash in a puddle, to see my shadow in the sun, and to feel the wind supporting me at my back. I tried to take one last look….at the freedom…. of a child.

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