Hanging Tree


I have come face to face with my own self-loathing and its debilitating effects on my own psyche; and I have come out on the other side with a greater understanding of not only myself but my grandfather, and the African -American community. In my recovery I have come to the point where I can now embrace my own humanity for the first time in my life and in turn embrace that part of myself that I hated in Sonny Liston. I can finally begin to take the necessary steps toward not only healing myself but also healing my community.

In life you can try and kill what is causing you pain and anguish but even after you kill it the pain still remains. It is now time for the African- American community to welcome Sonny Liston back home again. We must finally come to terms with the effect that hundreds of years of racial hatred has had on our bodies and on our minds. Education and the accumulation of material wealth is not enough to bring about change. We must have a true Jihad. Only by facing the inner struggle can we win the battle for truth within ourselves.

We as African- Americans must return to our roots and remember what it was that helped us to survive the Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade and 350 years of slavery; And that was our faith in God and our faith in each other. The acceptance and love from white America will not heal us; we must heal ourselves. Getting our 40 acres and a mule back cannot heal us, we must heal ourselves. By coming to terms with why we the Black middle-class abandoned Sonny Liston and why we continue to abandon our inner-cities to this day, will eventually set us free.

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