White Privilege for Dummies


White Privilege for Dummies

There are still many people in America who are living in a delusionary state of self-denial. “Research confirms that belief-discrepant-closed- minded persons have less tolerance for cognitive inconsistency.”

“European anthropology, medicine, religion,  and philosophy, esteemed institutions of the western world, are each in its own unique way, implicated in the history of the exploitation, enslavement, and slaughter that ravages the African continent and crushed its proud peoples. Each had its integral role to play in the seemingly senseless attacks upon the value, the integrity, the psyches, and the bodies of peoples whose only failing was to be culturally and racially different. Our European ancestors did perform these crimes against humanity and they did so in good conscience. Ethically blind they were, and ethically blind many of their descendants remain, inheritors of their ethnocentric worldview today.”

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