I Run These Streets


I Run These Streets

I run these streets, fearing red and blue lights. Sirens going off in my head. Real or imagined. I can no longer tell. I run not from the police, but from the horrors of the past. Black men “Swinging from popular trees”. Like a run away slave.  I run, from what they could do to me. And what they have done, to my people.

The dogs have my sent.  I run faster, just like Kunta Kinte.  Breaking the chains of my oppressors. The dogs close in on me.  I decide to  “Wade in the Water”. The police pull up, and ask me why I’m running?” I tell them, “My momma told me, that when I see the police,  I should run”. The police tell me, “You shouldn’t run, that makes you look suspicious”.

I tell the police, that running does not make me look suspicious. My color, makes me look suspicious. – By Lynelgardner

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