H.K. Edgerton and his Enthusiastic Apologist Shtick



These people are full of shit. They would not arm fucking slaves. They were doing what they usually do. Fetchning water, cleaning the latrines, washing and grooming the horses, cleaning boots. Washing the officers uniforms. This black guy is dilusional.

There is always a built in audience for this kind of shit. This is why Candece Owens is so popular. They know how to play to their base. They bothe enthusiastic apologist.

I understand that this guy wants people to recognize, the legacy and sacrifices of the black confederate soldier. And he does not want the world, to forget their contribution. But the slaves fought under direst. To say that he understands the mind of a slave fighting for their freedom. Is far fetched. He can’t possibly comprehend, what a slave was up against.

The duality of consciousness, that must have existed in a Southern black soldier. They were fighting for their masters, and at the same time fighting for a promise of freedom. Why should the slaves, trust their masters to set them free? At the end of the war? He not once, brings up the horrors of slavery. Nor the fact that Forest Bedford, one the richest men in the country. Made his wealth, from the slave trade.

When the South was fighting, to maintain the institution of slavery, to begin with? Knowing that America was known, for breaking treaties with the American Indians. This is the silly argument, of the House Negro. Who seeks comfort from the master, rather than the freedom of his people. The one that tells his master, that the slaves are planning a rebellion.

This type of person, does not need to escape. Because it is his master, that keeps a roof over his head, food in his stomach, and clothes on his back. It is very easy for this guy, to speak from a 21st Century point of view. A place of comfort. Free to think, read, write, and move freely. If he were a slave, during the Civil War. I think that his attitude, would have been much different than it is today. Because he would not, be able to think, read, write, and move freely, as he does today. He is presenting a false equivalence.- By Lynel Gardner

What? In other slave societies it was normal to have slaves help in the war effort (Corsair galleys come to mind). That it was abnormal to arm slaves in this context, and the fact that it was only done towards out of desperate necessity, speaks to the pervasiveness of white supremacy in the CSA. And the history books have been telling the Confederate side of the Civil War long enough. You’d prefer to read the textbooks that were written from the 1880s to the 1940s/50s. Go ahead.

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