Generation Z Don’t Play Dat!


Today’s youth, have only to hit the return button on their computers. And within seconds, they can communicate to the entire world. Their friends, come in all shapes , sizes, and nationalities. The ancient borders, that separated people, in the past. Like the borders of race, nationality, and identity politics. And the structural racism of Jim Crow, Black Codes, Redlining, Segregation, Discrimination, and the Old Boy System. No longer have any affect on them.

The internet has become the great equalizer. They no longer believe, that Big Brother can change their lives for the better. And they also, don’t have to deal with the limitations, of how information, was distributed to the American people in the past. Where we could only get our news, from three sources, NBC, ABC, and CBS. The Z Generation,  can not only drive on the information highway. They can surf it. The World Wide Web, has become the great equalizer.

We used to live in a world, where our parents told us, “Do as I say, and not as I do”. That was a confusing message, for that generation. The generation of today, are asking adults. To be the example, they want to see. Gen Z,  no longer has to wait around, for adults to teach them right from wrong. Or about the birds and the bees.  They can just Google it. -By Lynel Gardner

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