Roman Slavery and American Slavery

Roman slavery and American slavery – how were they different?

“Race riots decades before the Civil War in such Northern bastions of abolition as Cincinnati, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and New York, and in smaller cities and towns throughout the North, blacks were attacked in the streets by gangs of whites and their neighborhoods were invaded and sacked. African Americans were severely beaten and even killed and black homes and institutions- including schools, churches, and even orphanages-were destroyed by white mobs long before the end of slavery. “The negroes were not generally welcomed in the North.

Many of the northerners who sympathized with the oppressed blacks in the South never dreamt of having them as their neighbors. In the second decade of the twentieth century alone half a million African Americans moved from the impoverished rural to the booming industrial cities of the North, wooed by the promise of jobs and freedom. The migration intensified in the second half of the decade in an industrial boom fueled by the First World War. Blacks arrived by the trainloads, and many whites responded to the African American incursion with a horrific series of racial confrontations, riots and massacres that broke out in cities across the nation beginning in the summer of 1917 in East St. Louis.”

Slavery in America was about race. Unlike the ancient world. Segregation/ Jim Crow, was based on race/ White Supremacy. It was about separating the poor. In order to keep them from uniting against the Freelanders. They did not want, another Bacon’s Rebellion. The idea of whiteness/White Supremacy was an ideology that they massaged into the brains of the white poor. Originally called “White Trash” by the British Aristocracy.In the ancient world, the poor united under poverty. They did not want that to be the case, in America. So they invented the idea of race. White people were the first slaves. The word slave comes from the word Slavic. The Greeks enslaved their own people. – By Lynel Gardner

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