You Killed Her

The Statue of Liberty is swimming back to France as we speak. “To save the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” “The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, the homeless.” She has in her arms, the Dreamers. They were locked in the cages at our Southern Border.
Breaking news. The Statue of Liberty has just drowned. I repeat, the Statue of Liberty has just drowned. Along with the huddled masses. Lady Liberty tried her very best to find a home. A home for the dreamers. But ladies and gentlemen, she is gone. She took with her the American Dream. They found her at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. With the huddle masses in one arm. And her Torch in the other.
Every port of entry on the planet turned her away. I asked my great grandmother, how did Lady Liberty die?
GREAT GRANDMA. The other nations told her that the American Dream is dead. She swam away, trying to keep her head above the water with each stroke. She barely kept her torch from going out. Lady Liberty thought she would give America one more chance to Do the Right Thing.
She decided that she would spend her last bit of energy, trying to make it back, to the U.S shore. Maybe America will welcome her back again. It was in her DNA to Keep the Dream Alive. Her flame began to flicker. She wondered if anyone on the shores of Ellis Island would jump into the water to save her. And put her back onto her pedestal. To be the light, and hope, for the world once again. There must be someone that can realize the true meaning of her creed.
Enough to jump into the water to save her. Is there anyone left that has a beacon of light and hope in their hearts, she thought. Liberty carved out of stone as a symbol. A dream not yet fulfilled. She is a dream that must be realized by those of flesh and blood.
Liberty sees the American people, just standing at the shore. As if they no longer recognize her. There was not anyone willing to greet her or welcome her huddled masses. She stopped to “wade in the water.”
To wait for a lifesaver, to be thrown out to her. She had realized that her land of the free and home of the brave had somehow changed. Everyone watched as she looked down at her huddled masses in one arm. And the torch in the other. And as her eyes glossed over, she began to slip under the water. Liberty and the “Dreamers,” took their last breaths. But before she went under, she took one last look toward the shore. And there before her, were the great, great, great, grandchildren, of the people, she first welcomed to America.
Those that first walked off those ships to start their lives all over again.
Lady Liberty looked in their eyes and looked at their faces. And she could see their family resemblances. She saw grandchildren of the Smiths, the Thompsons, and many, many more. But what she did not see was the hope. That their grandparents once had, when they arrived onto these shores. Those people who helped to lay the foundation, that their great, great, great-grandchildren, now stand on.
And at that moment, the First Lady lost all hope. She decided to slip under the surface of the water, for the last time. And as I stood there crying. People asked, why are you crying for a statue? A statue is not real. I told them that these tears are not for Ms. Liberty. I was crying for the dream that just died, that same dream, that freed slaves. That fought for the suffrage of women, that kept hope alive for the Dreamers.
Lady Liberty is gone, and everyone is trying to act like they cannot remember. As if she did not mean anything. That she never even existed. Or remembered her sacrifice and those that sacrificed, in her name. And the sacrifices that she had made, for those that came before us. You watched her drown. And not a tear was shed. Fuck all you motherfuckers!
The beachgoers came later to watch the sunset. And that sun, that they thought they saw, setting over the horizon, was no sun at all. But only the last flickers of hope, of a nation that will never be great again. – By Lynel Gardner

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