Never judge a book by its cover.

I guess when you get invited to an A-List Black Hollywood party. That is a sign that you’re starting to make some headway. So I’m standing there talking to Thomas Mikal Ford, of the legendary sitcom “Martin.” One of the most down to earth A-List actors, I have ever met. And he says to me, ” look over at the guy sitting on the couch.” I said to him?” you mean that shy unassuming loner, sitting all by himself in the corner?” Thomas says to me, “Yeah, that guy.” I say to Thomas, “Yeah, what about him?”. Thomas then whispers in my ear, “He’s gonna be famous.” I looked back at Thomas and said, “Nigga, please, that guy? You have to be kidding me.” I thought to myself, “What is his talent, hiding it?”
Weeks later, I’m flipping through the channels on the t.v., looking for something interesting to watch. And I turn too, “Live at the Appollo Theater.” And the announcer, on the show, begins to announce their special guest. So the special guest walks out, and there on live t.v., in front of a national audience. Is the guy, who if he had talent was hiding it. The guy that had been sitting on the couch by himself at the A-List Black Hollywood party.
I watch the announcer turn to the audience and say, “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to America’s breakout artist, whose songs are now climbing the charts to the #1 spot.  The one, the only, Keith Sweat!!”

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