“For Black Boys Who Had Considered Homicide, When The Streets Were Too Much.” The play that started it all, and shook up L.A. In the era of Crack Cocaine, The War on Drugs, Gangster Rap, and the L.A. Riots. “Timing is everything.”

We learned early on that L.A. was a town that followed the market trend. That is when we decided that if we were going to get our point across. We would have to buck the current trend. And create a new one. Traditionally, For-Profit theater companies that sell out their shows. Extend the run of their shows for weeks.
And use the Demand- Side of economics. These were theaters like the Mark Taper Forum and Broadway. These were For-profit theater companies. We would buck that trend by turning it on its head. When our shows sold out, we would close the show. It would make our shows more of a happening.
In other words, if you missed one of our shows, you would not get a second chance to experience it. Therefore we created our market. Because no, For-Profit theater company would ever close a hit show. Even Broadway would not be foolish enough to take such risks. So we took Demand- Side economics. And to create the demand for our particular type of theater. A theater that benefitted the audience by allowing them to have an experiential experience with us. A shared moment in time that would only happen once. A theater we called “Black Male Silence.”
Eventually, our shows would sell out before we even opened. Based on word of mouth. The suited L.A., a town that whispers. Our patrons would do their best to find out when and where our next show would take place. We would not promote our shows until a couple of days before we opened it. This process allowed us to deliver our message. We knew that nobody wanted to leave one of our shows, for fear of missing something.
Because the L.A. trend became, who did and who did not see the last Hittite performance, and for the people who you did not see it had you better have said you did. The downside was, people started showing up to our performances because we were becoming trendy.
Where before, we had a base audience that started with us from the beginning. Who came to hear the message.
Eventually, people started to come to our shows, to say that they were there. And their numbers grew larger than our original base. So you can say that we were to blame for creating this monster. But we had no idea that what we had set out to do would work. When we sold out the Lincoln Center of New York in one day; Realizing, that what we had created was now a Frankenstein monster. And you know what happened to Dr. Frankenstein. It was the beginning of the end. The only way out of this situation was to kill Frankenstein.






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