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I finally decided to attend a “Black Lives Matter” protest. When I arrived at the meeting place, where the march was supposed to begin. I thought that I had arrived at the wrong place. Because out of the 900 hundred people in attendance, I was one of three black people there. And the other two were half Filipino. Everybody else was white.
I then began to think, did I accidentally go to the “All Lives Matter” march? Is that why so few of us are here? And are the other two black people at the march, “Blacks for Trump?”And if that was the case, then why isn’t anyone yelling at me? Maybe they thought I was also a “Black for Trump.” I thought to myself that, “I may have to pose as a Black For Trump to get myself out of this predicament. “
I finally got the courage to ask someone “Do you know where the Black Lives Matter March is? And after asking ten people the same question. I finally believed them when they said, “This is the Black Lives Matter March.” I felt like I had to do something. Being that, I was a black guy that mattered.
I said to someone,” Is there something I can do?” Being that everyone is marching on my behalf? And every white teenager told me, ” No, we got this.” I thought to myself, “could it be possible, that will be the easiest Civil Rights struggle in modern history?” I had never felt so much love from a people, outside my own culture in mass, in my whole life. Thanks, Tupac. Then in the middle of this love fest, two “All Lives Matter.” showed up to rain on our parade. Screaming, “All Lives Matter!” “All Lives Matter!”
That is when the Shaft in me woke up. “I’m talking bout John Shaft. Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother, man? (Shaft)
Can ya dig it?
Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about? (Shaft)
Right on
You see this cat Shaft is a bad mother (Shut your mouth)
I was not going to let these guys rain on the kid’s parade. That had a message to get across, and a march to finish. I knew that if these kids/ activist, started to engage these provocateurs. They would never finish their message or their march. And that is what these “All Lives Matter” people wanted. They wanted to disrupt.
I decided that I would step in between the “All lives Matter” protesTers and the “Black Lives Matter” protestors, and keep them from engaging one another. I thought that where there is no static, there will be no cling. Just like socks that get static cling when they come out of the dryer. But then I found an unlikely alie. Father David, the local Presbyterian priest. We stood side by side, and both realized that to calm heads would be better than one.
And we stood side by side, like Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier in the movie “The Defiant Ones”. It worked, with no static there was no cling. And the kids went back to their speeches and then marched. And the provocateurs stayed on the sidelines and watched the march. And whenever “All Lives Matter” people attempted to disrupt the march. Father David and I would plant seeds of love. Like the “Lilies of the Field”.

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