Hello Mrs. Harris, my name is Lynel Gardner. I last saw you in person speaking on behalf of our mutual friend and mentor, Mr. Lenard Louie. It was at his funeral in San Francisco. I met the Louie family back in 1989 when I joined his church, the San Francisco Sukyo Mahikari Center. I was part of the church board that Mr. Louie chaired. He would always say to me, Lynel, your right 80% of the time, but you have to watch out how you speak to people. The reason I’m writing to you today is that someone has filed a temporary restraining order against me. With the Superior Court of CA, County of Santa Clara 20CH009719 By MSORUM. My hearing date will be 1-19-21. I would have to say that the accusations against me are misleading and are mischaracterization of the facts. My family has been in the business of policing, community service, and youth activism for four generations. It was my grandfather Harry C. Valdespino, who founded THE SAN FRANCISCO POLICE CREDIT UNION in 1953. I have carried on the family tradition of service to the community with my work with the City and County of San Francisco OFFICE OF THE SHERIFF Resolve to Stop the Violence Project at the San Bruno Jail. I also participated in the MENLO PARK POLICE DEPARTMENT, “Youth Summit.” I was the first person to bring theater to the PEACE OFFICER STANDARDS TRAINING. I Created workshops with Gabe Harp, Senior Law Enforcement Consultant at the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards & Training. My theater group, the critically acclaimed Hittite Empire Performance Group, has brought theater to kids At- Risk for more than 26 years. My Theatre Company, Theatre as Prevention motto is ” Saving a child one play at a time.” I toured my play “STORIES I NEVER TOLD MY FATHER” nationally and internationally, including in Juvenile Halls. I also worked as a Staff Elder for kids of incarcerated parents, for THE GRATEFUL DEAD’s, CAMP AVARY for over eight years. I have no criminal record. This person is seeking retribution for me trying to protect my tenants as an on-site manager. The last great deed Mr. Louie did before he died was to expunge my mother’s arrest record, which she got as a teenager. Mr. Louie was a great man. Thank you, and congratulations on winning the election. And being the first Vice President of color. Lynel Gardner, ESTATE OF SONNY LISTON


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