The truth about Sonny’s adopted child Daniel.

Sonny had 3 step children. Geraldine Liston was my grandmother. She brought three children into her marriage with Sonny. My dad Bobby, uncle Charles, and aunt Arletha. Sonny was Geraldine’s second husband. Geraldine and Sonny tried to adopt Daniel Wiess from Sweden, but was only able to attain legal guardianship until his 18th birthday. Because Daniels real mother would not give up custody of her son. The world had it wrong. And most editorial copy, books, movies, investigators, retired police officers, sports castors, and athletes, believed that Daniel was adopted but was not. Geraldine and Sonny could not conceive a child together. Many people have it wrong about Sonny. But rake in millions guessing about how Sonny lived and died.


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