The Philadelphia Inquirer’s owner Walter Annenberg had a blacklist. That had Sonny Liston’s name in it. He along with his Yellow Journalist were determined to not give Sonny any publicity. Even after the death of Walter Annenberg, his influence still has an effect on how the media perceives Sonny Liston to this very day. That tradition of attacking the Sonny Liston name, likeness and image, in print, and media bias, continues to be the status quo.

It is one of the tragedies of Walter Annenberg’s life. That despite his achievements, despite his financial successes and his great philanthropies, he is known as a man who has used the power of the press as a personal weapon to track anyone who rubs him the wrong way, disagrees with his opinion, philosophy or threatens his interests. When he recently sodded a nine hole golf course around his palatial new estate in the desert near Palm Springs California. He bought control of the local water company, to ensure that it stayed green.


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