White journalists and filmmakers of a certain generation, create movies, editorial copy, books, and documentaries about Sonny Liston that are reminiscent of the news articles of the late 19th Century promoting the lynchings of African Americans.

Before the trail had even started, most white citizens had already deemed the accused men guilty beyond all doubt. They wanted to see Reed and Cato convicted and punished swiftly and openly. In fact, more than a week before the trail began, the Satesboro (Ga.) News had printed an editorial calling for a public execution of the “bloody devils who did the terrible crime” on the grounds that” the people not only are anxious to know that these murderers are hanged until they kick out their bloody and criminal existence between heaven and earth, but they want to see the thing done. ”
Although it conceded that such an execution would not “restore one of the unfortunate victims again,” the paper purported that “it will be at least some satisfaction to an outraged people, to see the thing happen.”

Shaun Assael in his book “The Murder of Sonny Liston: Las Vegas, Heroin and Heavyweights”, Say’s that Sonny Liston had an erection when he was found dead at his house in Vegas. He did not.

This is further proof that Shaun Assael had nor has any official records to base his theories or investigative reporting on. And it is further proof that he is just guessing about the events that happened surrounding the death and life of Sonny Liston.