Before Brazilian Jujitsu, before the MMA, there was Nikko Jujitsu School America’s original Mix Martial Art

Breaking the elbow before taking my opponent to the mat
Using the pressure of the stomach to break the elbow
There are no rules in the street
Break the arm while controlling the head
Break the arm backwards while executing a hip throw
Wrist lock or break
Recieving my Black Belt from Prof. Kufferath & Prof. Bunch
Wrist lock or break adding a kick
The school of hard knocks
Over the shoulder throw
Armpit over the shoulder sacrifice throw

In life you sometimes have to make sacrifices

Professor Bunch putting me in a wrist lock of no return

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace hangs out at Nikko Jujitsu school
Yes, Bruce Lee studied Jujitsu at Nikko Jujitsu School
Americas original MMA


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