Mr. Hakeem Jeffries, Your brother Hasan Kwame Jeffries, was a guest speaker/actor on the SHOWTIME special. PARIAH: THE LIVES AND DEATHS OF SONNY LISTON. In the scripted documentary, your brother was using my words and concepts from my 2013 Amazon book: BEAST: THE DECONSTRUCTION OF CHARLES SONNY LISTON”. Your brothers’ academic title, had a lot to do with his employment. The so-called documentary, was scripted. I thought your family was about civil rights and the uplifting of the African American Diaspora? The SHOWTIME special based on a book by ESPN investigator Shaun Assael. His book was titled, THE MURDER OF SONNY LISTON: LAS VEGAS, HEROIN, AND HEAVYWEIGHTS. Shaun’s book lifted a lot of my ideas and concepts from my book. Maybe your brother does not realize this. I have reported this theft to the FBI and Homeland Security. I cannot afford to take SHOWTIME to court. I wrote this book to set the record straight about how my Grandfather, Sonny Liston, lived and died.

And to help the black community realize that they can overcome the shame and self-loathing of being black in America. This show turned my book into a conversation. SHOWTIME destroyed the urgency of my message to my people. To hide the theft, your brother, along with an African American female professor from Harvard Kennedy School, who was also using my words and concepts. Said that “All black people think alike.” Only a white writer would have thought of saying something like that. For it is a racist trope. I know that your not my representative. But I need your brother to speak out and not be silent. The University of Ohio is not responsible for what their faculty does off-campus. All I want is credit for my work so that my people can refocus on the message that I put forth in my book. Thank you, ESTATE OF SONNY LISTONMar 31, 2020, 7:54 AM


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