If this isn’t irony, I don’t know what is. I go into the Target Cupertino on Stevens Creek Blvd to buy an American flag t-shirt for the 4th of July. And I get accused of stealing it. “THIS IS AMERICA.” 7 On Your Side News, writes a letter to Target on my behalf.

I went to the express checkout to purchase my items. And after purchasing my items, a checker who saw me leaving with my bag, ran after me and said,” Sir did you purchase those items?” I said “Yes”. He then asked for my receipt. I have worked in retail, and I know that the one thing you cannot do, is to assume that a customer stole something without proof. Not only that, an item is not stolen, until you exit the building. I said to the cashier, “did you see me stealing something?” The cashier said “no”. By that time I had three security guards around me, two managers, and I was now the evening’s entertainment for everyone still waiting in the express checkout line.
Then the second manager, goes to the checkout machine where I had made my purchase, to get a receipt, and walks up to me and says, “Here is your receipt, Sir”. I’m like, what the fuck? Why would I need a receipt if I already have one, I asked myself? I told the second manager that I purchased the items in my possession. And if that is the second purchase receipt now in your possession, then why are you still asking me if I purchased my items? Am I the only one not on drugs tonight? I said, “I want an apology from the cashier for accusing me of theft”. He then asked the cashier to apologize to me. And that is what he did.



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