My interview with The National Radio of Belgium. The interview was about my performance at the Monty Theater in Antwerp. It would be the first Black History Month in Belgium’s history. I would be the only black performing artist in the entire country. So I got all the publicity. The festival was only held at my venue. Even though it was the anniversary of Bob Marley’s birthday. I got a bigger spread on the national front page of their paper, than Mr. Marley. Belgium’s national radio and paper, goes out to 11 million people. The panel discussion guest were the MOVE organization, out of Philadelphia. Yeah, that Move Organization, with John Africa. At the time, they were on the run from the FBI and CIA.The curator of the event was trying to set up an interview with me, to go into prison, to interview the MOVE organization spokesperson, Mumia Abu-Jamal. But the timing of me leaving to go back to the U.S. and the interview, did not coincide. My going rate at the time was $3000 an hour. They paid me in cash. Who were these people, the Rothschild’s?


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