Gary D Knopp: Sonny Liston was a family friend. I have personal letters from Sonny/Jerry do you? Not sure you know a hell of a lot about them..

In reply to Gary D Knopp: Listen, her name was Geraldine, spelled with a “G”, she was my grandmother.

From: Gary Montana <>To: <>Sent: Sunday, December 26, 2021, 05:00:58 PM PSTSubject: RE: Sonny Liston 
Hi Lynel, did fall on your head.\? I do not need to talk to this joker Harlan Werner of Sports Placement Services as he sells CONIGNED MEMORABILIA. I would not consign a dog turd to him. Prove that Jerry was your grandmother. She had one son when she married Sonny. I think you smell the opportunity for a few dollars get rich bullshit scheme and hoping I am a schmuck. You own no rights to Sonny’s likeness, signatures, nor pictures. Sonny was a Public Figure, anyone that has any of his signatures, photos, letters are the property of whomever owns them. I could damn sure provide information that the letters belong to me. I will not do so… I need not prove anything to you nor this Harlan guy whose business looks like it is ancient history and whom you have pumped up to be your great white savior. If he is the real McCoy he would not take you as a client as his attorney fees would far exceed the value of the letters. Ironic, isn’t it? Did Geraldine, as the legal heir of Charles L. Liston’s estimated 1–5-million-dollar estate get the money or did someone else get it? Sonny and Jerry were our personal friends we loved them as family and you have pissed me off with your nonsense.Regards, gary 

Hi Lynel ,
A few things to say with regard to the letters. If he has letters or photos or other stuff  and they have been in his hands for decades they are his property and he can sell them if he chooses. 
If he would like to chat with me I am more than happy to jump on a call. While his tone towards me was disrespectful and knows little about me , I will chat if everyone thinks it makes sense. 
You might add if you so desire , Harlan was generating badly needed revenue for Geraldine when everyone was using Sonnys image and not paying a dime. 


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