I killed her, my dreams, died. I then wandered for forty years, in the deep dessert, like a lost Hebrew. I stood at the base of the mountain, waiting for Moses like everyone else, to come down from the mountain top. I began to grow tired of waiting. And the “Golden Calf, Hollywood, was right there offering me a better life. Not a life after death. The “land of milk and honey”, seemed like a pipe dream. We were free now, and had the freedom to choose. So, I choose, to go after what I want, not what Moses wants. It seemed as though we went from serving one master, to serving another. A master that promised a paradise, afterlife. Gods kingdom, that was somewhere in the clouds. I now walk around with these invisible chains, asked to believe in the unseen. Why can’t we have it the other way around. Why can’t we have a god that can serve mankind. A god of our making. A god made in our own image. An earthly God that is within reach. A god that serves man, and does not ask for much. With 25 dollars in my pocket, I put my offering in the basket, and took a ride to L.A. To worship at what some call Babylon/Hollywood. – Lynel Gardner


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