If I could, I would let love live. I would surrender my soul to love. I would hold you in the cold. I would hold you when you were old. I’m not talking about the love for money, the love in a relationship. I’m talking about the love of self. That is the hardest love to achieve. That is the love you keep. Because as the saying goes ” The love in a relationship can end like a castle in the sky”. The hardest love to sustain. Is the love that allows you to respect yourself when you are alone. That is the “Love you save”. Relationship are so complicated these days. Women don’t need to marry a jerk for security. Women want to be respected, not controlled or told what to do. Women are captains of industry now. Men have to learn to evolve, to meet women where they are at today. But sometimes it is confusing, because women want their independence but at the same time, they miss the tradition. The courting, the opening up of doors, the roses, on Valentines Day. I think that women, have to get to where they are going, to their destination, so that the 21st man can finally evolve to where they want us to be. Then men will be able to take flight. Women want men to respect them. Like Aretha Franklin used to say, R.E.S.P.E.C.T. In the meantime, I will strive to be a better man. So when the time comes, I can build castle’s of love in the sky. I need to get rid of the baggage of my life, so that I can “Let love in”. Because there is only one carry on bag, on this flight called love. And love, is a direct flight. – Lynel Gardner


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