If I could I would, let the blood run “like a river wild”. You told me, that tomorrow would bring sunshine. But it rained on my parade. And I ran inside myself, to get out of the rain. It was cold there, so I took shelter inside myself. Deeper I go, “Down the rabbit whole”. I hid there, keeping secrets, talking to myself, looking like a fool. The “tears of a clown”, I ran in circles, chasing my own tail. Like a dog without a bone. Even Lassie, was allowed to come home. But me, I could not find shelter, homeless, a vagabond. Looking deep, into the looking glass. I dropped off the edge, broken glass, picking myself up again, I cut my hands, on the sharp memories of my painful past. I remembered the old Socrates saying, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” But Socrates, did not have to deal, with the “Dark Shadows” of my life. Socrates words, seem so sinister in the light of these days. If I could, only see the light. But I walk like a blind man with a white cane, trying to bring my past into the light of day. Life is so sinister, because it does not tell you, that you can be haunted by the past. I want to know myself, and become wise. But when you shine the light, on the darkness, everything is revealed. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It is so easy for Socrates to say, “To know thyself”. When he does not have to walk in my shoes. Some people say, that Stevie Wonder can now see. But can you blame him for wanting to stay in the dark. When so many in the world, have helped him to make it this far in life. Like Stevie, I would “Rather be blind”, than try to make it through this thing we call life, on my own. Socrates words seem so sinister, in the light of these days. – Lynel Gardner


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