The older I get, the more I have to watch my friends and family pass away. Or my friends and family, find themselves caught up in situations that lead them to spend years in jail. Sometimes the world is a cold place. And in the past five years, we have let politics tear us apart. We have allowed our politicians, to take a moral issue and politicize it. Forcing us to fight against each other, like the Hatfields and McCoys. Let us not forget that the Hatfields and McCoys, we’re also family. If a person is getting ready to fall off a cliff-face, does it matter what his political leanings are? Everyone around the globe comes from a common ancestor. Not only that, but if the two original people, had decided not to come together and work out their differences, because of their politics, humanity would have never been around to have anything to argue about. Thank god for the original people, deciding to work it out, making us all, distant cousins. Being an example of what is possible when we come together and work out our differences. Our ancestors are responsible for all of creation. Sometimes, I think that we don’t give them enough credit. We are all Homo Sapiens, don’t let the color of our skin fool you. We are all children, of the same God. Capable of becoming Godlike. As we inherit our traits from our physical ancestors. We also inherit our spiritual traits, from our heavenly ancestors. So we have no excuse, but to become Superheroes. We don’t have to purchase a ticket and spend our hard-earned dollars, to go to the movies to watch, ETERNALS, MATRIX, SPIDER-MAN, and the MARVEL UNIVERSE. To remind us, of our super-human potential. We all have hidden abilities. During the L.A. earthquake, somebody had the blankets, someone else had the food, someone else brought the pots and utensils, another person helped the wounded, and other people brought the song and dance. And thanks to those superhuman abilities, and our willingness to practice altruistic love, we all made it, through a terrible time together. We all became superheroes, running out of burning buildings, flying from one place to another, like Superman/ Superwoman/ Black Panther, etc. I even saw THE FLASH, rushing to see if a neighbor was safe, that had yet to come out of their house, after the initial quake. She was so fast, that I did not see, that she had gotten blankets for everyone, on her way back from the neighbor’s house. We did not have to wait for night, to give Batman the Bat signal, because we were in distress. We were each other’s heroes. It is our birthright, to become living gods. Back in the day, we used to say, “What up Sista? What up Brotha? What up Cuz? What up Blood? What up family? In the hood, we had each other’s backs. The hood was short for the neighborhood. And we got through everything, together. Doing everything we had to do “Just to get by”. Everyone was necessary, and all the money circulating there. There was no shame, in our game. And we did not hang out our dirty laundry. For all the world to see. Because we knew that, we were doing what we had to do, just to get by. Where are those communities today? Remember “Neighborhood watch?”, Remember when we used to greet our new neighbors? Remember when people used to come over, to bower a cup of sugar? To ask to use the lawnmower, because they could not afford one yet. Because they had just had their first baby? What happened to America? What happened, to the American Dream? It is not too late America. There is still time, to come together and make a difference. We can do it, by solving our problems together. It is not a black thing, or a white thang, it is a people thing. Yea, we can catch a ride on SPACE X, but if we don’t end our strife, we are just going to fight with each other, on the moon. As Agent Smith would say, ” It is inevitable”. No one person has all the answers, to all the world’s problems. Any politician who says that they do have all the answers is a bald-faced liar. So from now on, when I speak to you, I will address you like family. Because that is what we are. So get used to it. “What up family?”- Lynel Gardner


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