Remember that your reinterpretation of this song, breaths new life into it. You can do this because no one has lived your life, your experience. There is a saying, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. Look at self-expression like this. Let’s say a desk is a metaphor for music. But because of your life experience, the back of the desk interests you the most. Because in your life, you were pushed to the back of the line, your back was up against the wall, and people have told you to “Back the fuck up!”. So when you see the desk, what interests you the most is the back of it. Not the desk drawers, or the surface. But someone else’s story is the top of the desk. Because they have been on the top, all of their lives. So they don’t look down or back. Being on top for them is what gives their life meaning. There isn’t anything else. Now turn that desk into music. Using music as a metaphor. Let the world hear, what the back of music sounds like. Play the back of the music. The world will come to you, to hear the back of the music. People will come, who have been at the back of the line, who have been told to “Back the fuck up!”. Because your music will speak to them. You will find your audience and your audience will find you. And when the people at the top come, the rest of the world will come. Because it is lonely at the top. Play your heart brother. And never let, money, fame, get in your way. Because those things come and go. Money is not real. You only need three things in life. Health, Harmony, and prosperity. There is no happiness if one of these three things is missing. The only thing that is real, is family, God, and friends. Play your heart, play your humanity.


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