Bruce Lee first sought out my teacher Professor Sig Kufferath in order to learn Jujitsu. Kufferath was the successor to Henry S. Okazaki, who created the worlds first Mixed Martial Art, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu in Hawaii,via Japan,in the 1920s. Professor Kufferath and his Chief Instructor, Professor Richard Bunch, were both my teachers. So, B.J. Penn was right in stating that Professor Okazaki was “The worlds first Mixed Martial Artist” and Bruce Lee is not the “father of Mixed Martial Arts.”


Official Record- CERTIFICATE OF DEATH, states that Sonny was found by Geraldine Liston, on January 5, 1971. Sonny was born May 8, 1932. He was 38 years of age when he died. IMMEDIATE CAUSE OF DEATH (a) Pulmonary congestion and edema or (b) Probable myocardial anoxia due to coronary insufficiency. TOXICOLOGY EXAMINATION REVEAL- BARBITURATES (blood) ABSENT, HYPNOTICS (blood) ABSENT

The public record states that Sonny died of an overdose of heroin or a hot dose. The official record has been behind lock and key at the Clark County Coroners office since Sonny’s death in 1971. They told me that they did not know why. The autopsy report has only been released to me. I have distributed it to the major news agencies around the country. The only way these news agencies will release the autopsy report is if the market for the truth about Sonny, becomes greater than the market for the myth about Sonny. Until that time I’m waiting for the right time, place, and opportunity to present the autopsy report to the public.

“There is no evidence to show that deaths attributed to overdose are in fact so caused.” -Edward M. Brecher